Avimee Herbal Amla Hair Oil: Strong, Long, Thick Hair!

4 out of 5

This product is a 100ml bottle of Amla Hair Oil, which is made in India. It weighs 110 grams and has dimensions of 13 x 3.6 x 3.5 cm. The item part number is Amla_Hair_Oil_1 and the ASIN is B0BS6CFYRD. The oil is primarily made from Amla fruit oil, Amla seed oil, Acerola fruit oil, Kakadu plum oil, orange peel oil, Vitamin E, and BHT. To use, apply the oil to the scalp and lengths of the hair, and gently massage it in. It can be left overnight or washed out after two hours. Overall, this product is an oil meant for hair care.


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