Buddha’s Vision: Dependent Co-arising

4.5 out of 5

Under the Bodhi Tree is a book by renowned Buddhist master Ajahn Buddhadasa Bhikkhu. It delves into the concept of interdependency, which is at the core of the Buddha’s teachings. The book explores the principles of conditionality and dependent co-arising, presenting them as natural laws and providing clarity on Buddhist philosophy, meditation, and practice. Ajahn Buddhadasa bases his teachings on the Buddha’s own words, making the book a valuable resource for students seeking to deepen their understanding of Buddhism. The book is 224 pages long and is available in paperback. It weighs 345 grams and has dimensions of 15.24 x 2.29 x 22.86 cm. The book is published by Wisdom Publications and is written in English. The ISBN-10 is 1614292191, ISBN-13 is 978-1614292197, and it is originated from the United Kingdom.


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