Buddhist Siddhas: Songs and Histories

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This product is a book titled “Mahamudra: The Quintessence of Mind and Meditation” by Keith Dowman. The book explores the practice of Mahamudra in Tibetan Buddhism, which is the union of wisdom and compassion, emptiness and skillful means. The book features the songs of realization and legends of eighty-four masters who achieved this level of meditative realization between the eighth and twelfth centuries in India. Keith Dowman provides a commentary on each adept and discusses the key concepts of Mahamudra. The book also includes an extensive introduction tracing the development of tantra and its parallels to contemporary psychology. It is a 454-page paperback with dimensions of 23 x 15 x 3.5 cm and weighs 600 g. The book is in English and is published by Dev Publishers & Distributors.

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