Cotton Shaolin Monk Robe

4.5 out of 5

This product is a monk’s clothing made of cotton polyester fabric. It comes in various colors such as gray, light grey, earth yellow, coffee, and blue gray. The clothing is designed to be loose, comfortable, and soft. It is suitable for monks, Buddhists, laypeople, and Shaolin practitioners. The shaolin clothing is from Dengfeng, China, the location of the Shaolin Temple, ensuring that you will be using the same clothing as the shaolin monks in China. The clothing offers great workmanship, 100% quality guarantee, good flexibility without restricting movement, anti-pilling, breathability, and softness. Please note that the actual color may slightly differ from the pictures due to factors like monitor brightness, and there might be a permissible error in manual measurements. Overall, it is a high-quality and valuable product for those interested in practicing Shaolin arts or simply looking for comfortable and flexible clothing.


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