Dr Batra’s: Largest Homeopathy Clinic

4.5 out of 5

Dr Batra’s(R) is the world’s largest chain of homeopathy clinics, with over 200 clinics in seven countries and 150 cities in India. This book, titled “The Nation’s Homeopath,” tells the inspiring story of Dr Mukesh Batra, the founder of Dr Batra’s(R). Starting from humble beginnings in 1982, Dr Batra’s(R) overcame challenges such as financial difficulties and lack of availability of loans. The book is a combination of memoir and guidebook for entrepreneurs, offering valuable lessons for readers from any field. Published by HarperBusiness, the hardcover book has 312 pages and provides insights into Dr Batra’s life, including his experiences treating celebrities and the common man. ISBN-10: 9354227260 and ISBN-13: 978-9354227264.

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