EEC-11 Economics Fundamentals Hindi Medium

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The eec-11 अर्थशास्त्र के मूलतत्व (edition 2019) is a book that provides an introduction to the basic principles of economics. It is divided into 9 blocks that cover various aspects of economics, such as consumer behavior, production and cost theory, market structures, real market prices, international trade, and public economics. The book also includes a total of 19 question papers, with 9 solved and 10 unsolved, from June 2010 to June 2019. Published by Gullybaba Publishing House Pvt. Ltd., the book is written in Hindi and has 312 pages. It is suitable for readers aged 12 years and above. The book weighs 220g and has dimensions of 14 x 1 x 21.6 cm. It is available in paperback format with ISBN-10: 9381970718 and ISBN-13: 978-9381970713.

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