Gold CentraLit Crystal Candle Holders

4 out of 5

This product is a set of elegant candlesticks that are made with high quality metal materials. The candlesticks have a hollow design and luxurious plating hardware, making them rustless, fadeless, durable, sturdy, and stable. The surface is nickel-plated and polished for a shiny finish. The candlesticks also feature top K9 crystal beads that are extremely high quality and sparkling. They can be used with candles, flameless candles, tea lights, artificial flowers, and dried flowers. The candle cup is multifunctional and the metal base reflects light beautifully. These candlesticks are great for creating a relaxing atmosphere in any room or setting.

Original price was: ₹999.00.Current price is: ₹349.00.

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