Positive Energy Buddha Salt Lamp

3.5 out of 5

This product is a Himalayan salt lamp that can be placed in various rooms and locations such as bedsides, study tables, side tables, and office tables. It is important to note that the lamp absorbs moisture from the air and releases water, so it should not be placed on electronic equipment. To collect the water, it is recommended to place a plate under the lamp. The salt lamp works by absorbing water vapors, producing negative ions that neutralize positively charged bacteria and viruses. Benefits of having a salt lamp include promoting sound sleep, purifying and deodorizing the air, and neutralizing electromagnetic radiation. The package includes a Himalayan salt lamp with a power cable, bulb holder, and a 15W bulb. The lamp is hand-carved in a mountain shape and has dimensions of 15-18 cm in height and 10-12 cm in width. It weighs approximately 2-3 KG.

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