Buddha’s Path to Happiness: Japanese Edition

4 out of 5

This product is a book in Japanese that aims to provide readers with a worldview that leads to true happiness, referred to in Buddhism as Nirvana. It suggests that in order to reach the state of happiness, individuals must follow a certain path and awaken to certain truths. The book acknowledges that everyone has their own worldview and does not expect everyone to adopt the same beliefs. Instead, it encourages readers to understand Buddha’s worldview and establish their own worldview based on their own thoughts and feelings. By doing so, the book suggests that individuals can find the path to happiness. The book has a file size of 281 KB and contains 201 pages. It is available in digital format and can be read on unlimited devices. It supports text-to-speech and enhanced typesetting features. Word Wise and X-Ray features are not enabled. The product can be found on Amazon with the ASIN code B085FT5RSB.


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